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FAQ for sellers






  1. If I sell, do I need a Seller Representative?


       Not necessarily, but it is in your best interest to have one.

A Seller Representative has knowledge about your area, prices, selling trends in your area and much more, and can help you make an informed decision on what to expect of selling your house.

    2. What is the advantage of having a Seller Representative?


       A Seller Representative is armed with knowledge and skills in promoting your house so it can be sold at the maximum price that the market will bare and in the shortest amount of time. He/she has access to more meanings of advertising, so your house can have a larger exposure.

    3. Why do I have to pay commission?


       Many sellers are thinking that they have to pay so much money to a Seller Representative in order to sell their house. Just remember, YOU DO NOT PAY ANYTHING until the house is sold! And the commission that you pay is covering ALL of our costs for advertising, visits to the property, etc. that we, as Seller Representatives, incur in the process of selling your house. If, for some reason, the house doesn’t sell, WE COVER THOSE COSTS! And this is how we make a living!